Lead Logistics Provider / 4PL

Optimising logistics costs and generating productivity. In order to address these challenges whilst adapting as best as possible to the organisation of your company, GEFCO provides LLP (Lead Logistics Provider) and 4PL (4th party Logistics) dedicated teams of experts.Every day these teams aim to generate long-term economies of scale for manufacturers, whilst ensuring a full control of their operations throughout their supply chain.


As a LLP (Lead Logistics Provider), we ensure the complete management and coordination of your supply chain. To ensure such a goal, we rely on strong skills in network design, planning of means, management of the operational network and control tower.
These global solutions are managed from end-to-end by GEFCO and aim to provide with visibility and significant productivity gains.

Complete flows management through a control tower

The management of your supply chain is ensured by dedicated or pooled control towers which guarantee:

  • the control of your physical and information flows,
  • the planning and adjustment of capacity in order to ensure the stability and fluidity of supply and distribution flows,
  • the monitoring of the rate of service (Service Level Agreement), operational excellence and continuous improvement thanks to our integrated network and standardised processes (SOP),
  • the optimisation of your flows via strategic and tactical studies,
  • the re-engineering of flows and the search for productivity gains.


To operate 4PL solutions, GEFCO ensures the complete management and control of your flows whilst organising the selection and management of logistics providers with complete transparency.

By also overseeing the purchasing and freight billing audits, GEFCO achieves the most comprehensive level of logistics integration and manages key control levers of supply chain optimisation.

Our dedicated 4PL teams act on behalf of our industrial customers:

  • selection and coordination of logistics providers: calls for tenders, purchasing, freight billing audit,
  • order transfers using a powerful macro-consignment tool,
  • internal and external change management,
  • productivity plans

Our central teams rely on a comprehensive network of local teams in the different countries to enable our customers to benefit from visibility across the entire logistics chain and cost improvements.