Customs & tax engineering

Within the framework of your international business, you are faced with security and financial challenges that may influence your continued expansion.

The objectives of our GEFCO experts is to identify and and tackle these challenges. Designed to boost your competitiveness, the solutions we develop on your behalf enable you to secure and optimise your flows under the best possible conditions in compliance with regulations.

  • Controlling and optimising international flows

    Supporting an integrated network of 200 experts across 39 countries, our customs and tax engineering department carries out:

    • Comparative studies of flows and their customs and tax impacts,
    • Regulatory monitoring, classification and audit services,
    • Implementation of simplified and optimised solutions (inward/outward processing, limited tax representation, customs bonded warehouse, etc.),
    • The management of these solutions.
  • Securing and optimising VAT management in Europe

    A tax representation expert since 1993, GEFCO deploys its expertise in the 28 countries of the European Union, Switzerland and Norway.

    Backed by European regulatory monitoring and engineering services, our tax representation solutions allow you to operate your activities locally (storage, sale, processing) in perfect compliance with the regulations of the country, while avoiding the formalities and cost of creating a subsidiary.
    Our solutions also allow you to optimise advance foreign VAT payments, thereby creating a favourable impact on your cash flows.

  • Financial gains and optimised cash flows, increased supply chain efficiency: GEFCO’s customs and tax solutions are designed to boost your competitiveness at international level and secure your flows.

    The synergy between our customs, tax representation and logistics know-how provides us with unparalleled expertise in the market. Our strength lies in our ability to combine customs and tax engineering (finding the most competitive solution) with tactical know-how: control tower, flow management, track & trace system.

    Furthermore, our operational reliability, underpinned by an integrated multimodal network, promotes the control of logistics and transport operations as well as the harmonisation of procedures throughout your supply chain.