You are a manufacturer, importer or accessories dealer: as a major player in two-wheeler transport and logistics, we support you in designing, managing and monitoring your logistics solutions.

  • Over 15 years, we have developed real expertise in two-wheeler logistics that takes the specific dynamics of the sector into account, such as the seasonality of sales or the fragile nature of the products. This expertise covers the inbound supplies to your plants, the outbound distribution of finished products and spare parts to your commercial network, as well as the follow-up of flows via our Track & Trace portal.

    Our specific "two-wheeler" offer combines all of our operational and strategic skills:

    • Our engineering expertise,  which is crucial in designing tailor-made solutions,
    • Our specific means of transport and packaging: double-deck trailers, delivery of vehicles on wheels, cradles or in boxes,
    • Our teams are specialised in handling these products, using common operational standards,
    • Our expertise in customs and tax representation.


  • In order to ensure on time inbound deliveries at your production sites, we take control of:

    • The management of reusable packaging,
    • The optimisation of multi-supplier components collections,
    • the management of stock near the assembly line,
    • the scheduled deliveries to the plants.
  • Our priority: to work closely with you at each step of your distribution flow. To respond to this challenge, we offer you a full range of services:

    • Multimodal transport to your warehouses,
    • Managing your tax and customs challenges,
    • Warehousing logistics integrating quality control, bonded storage, stock management, vehicle assembly-reassembly as well as operations of customisation,
    • Packaging solutions to meet your specific challenges (2/3-wheeler cradle, rolling, box),
    • Securing deliveries to the dealerships,
    • Returns management (empty packaging, after-sales service).

    In order to ensure that your dealerships are supplied with spare parts and accessories day and night, we provide specific knowledge and capabilities:

    • Stock and replenishment management,
    • Order preparation and shipment packaging,
    • Organisation of shipments, day and night.

    Throughout the supply chain, our team of experts ensure the optimisation of your international flows, guarantee your vehicles protection and provide your dealerships with quality service.