Transport & Heavy Equipment

Wagon, bus, boat, agricultural, mining or construction equipment: whatever your transport project, GEFCO guarantees you competitive door-to-door solutions, compliance with lead times and replacement parts availability. Our global approach to the supply chain integrates components supply to your plants, distribution of finished products to your customers and partners, spare parts logistics and oversized logistics.

  • Our aim is to increase your productivity by offering a customised solution that is well-integrated into your organisation and which combines the most relevant modes of transport.

    Global and flexible logistics management

    • Engineering of the transport plan,
    • Management of component handling at your national and international supplier sites,
    • Flow optimisation and consolidation according to your production schedule,
    • Advanced stock management close to your plants whilst also incorporating added-value services, such as: packaging, delayed differentiation operations, "kitting", sequenced deliveries,
    • Secure flows and lead times, with tracking of the main transport milestones.

    Ensuring on-time delivery to your customers and partners remains a top priority. We take on this challenge on a daily basis through the management of your finished products from the plant to your customers and partners.

    To design and implement logistics plans, we draw on our 65 years of experience working with demanding industries like the automotive and two-wheeler sectors:

    • consideration of the technical characteristics of your products to help identify logistics constraints and define the most effective distribution plans (road/rail/sea/air);
    • study and implementation of the solution best adapted to your project, in terms of costs and delivery times, through the integration of your Quality standards;
    • transport tracking;
  • Your customers and partners require operational equipment at all times. Spare parts logistics is crucial in responding to their technical and sales issues.

    GEFCO handles your parts logistics from the moment they leave your warehouses to their arrival at your customers and partners. Our distribution plans take into account the specific characteristics of your equipment and your time constraints.

    We rey on our network to provide with dedicated spare parts warehouses.

    We are also able to provide urgent deliveries to your customers and partners in many international destinations.

  • Our teams of international experts are attentive to your needs and have a perfect understanding of the particular characteristics of oversized goods transport.

    We undertake feasibility studies prior to transport which takes into account the specific characteristics of your products and analyse local and international regulations, customs constraints,  the environmental impact and risk factors. Our pricing departments cover all aspects of the supply chain and offer competitive prices in line with your schedule.

    Our dedicated solutions are perfectly in line with your requirements in terms of transportation modes, lifting equipment, and the choice of sea, air or rail partners.

    Our international experts manage operational and documentation flows and ensure responsiveness, visibility and security.

    We also provide additional services, such as storage, packaging and tax representation, and can offer where necessary additional insurance and quality control throughout the transport operation.