As an industrial manufacturer, you rely on your logistics provider to offer competitive door-to-door solutions that integrate the specific characteristics of your products in compliance with national and international regulations. With 65 years of experience as an industry partner, GEFCO provides you with supply chain solutions that cover the supply of plants, the distribution to your sites as well as the management of out of gauge materials.


    The flexibility and reliability of supplies are important productivity levers that require both rigorous and responsive organisation and logistics.

    GEFCO's multimodal supply solutions are designed to meet the major challenges of industrial production:

    • Performance: our teams of experts constantly strive to optimise your component flows and packaging. We also manage all of your customs formalities link to ensure maximum efficiency
    • Security: in order to secure your supplies, GEFCO ensures vendor-managed inventory activities near to your plants: storage, packaging, post manufacturing, "kitting", scheduled deliveries.
    • Flow visibility: our track & trace portal allows you to monitor every stage of the transport operation.
  • GEFCO handles the distribution of finished products from the plant right through to your customers' sites.

    End-to-end support

    From development of the transport plan through to  product delivery, our international specialists ensure:

    • the engineering of the transport plan: integration of your products' technical characteristics and design of optimised distribution plans (road/rail/sea/air),
    • transport to a distribution platform,
    • on-site logistics services: quality control, stock and order management,
    • deliveries from the warehouse to your customers' sites: specific delivery programmes and related means, delivery by appointment or on a set day, management of return flows.


    Your business sector also requires specific solutions for out of gauge materials (machine tools, construction materials, electrical transformer, etc.).

    GEFCO has special departments dedicated to industrial projects and provides its customers with:

    • feasibility study which takes into account the specific characteristics of your products as well as local and international regulations, customs constraints, the environmental impact and risk factors,
    • technical and economic solutions in line with your schedule,
    • tailored resources: transport equipment, handling equipment and the choice of sea, air or rail partner.

    Our international experts manage operational and documentation flows and ensure responsiveness, visibility and security.

    We also provide additional services, such as storage, packaging and tax representation, and can offer you additional insurance, security and quality control throughout the transport operation, according to your needs.