Aerospace & defense

As a player in the aerospace sector, you face complex logistics flows and need a reliable partner to manage them from door-to-door. Thanks to our customised solutions, our international network of experts and our track and trace tools, we can effectively respond to your challenges: reliable and secured inbound flows, repair logistics and after market logistics performance.

  • Our engineering of physical, financial and information flows allows you to concentrate on the highest productivity for your assembly lines. Our logistics solutions are adapted to your processes and operating modes and are designed to take into account the complexity of your upstream supply chain and to secure the deliveries to your plants.

    Established in more than 100 countries on 5 continents, our network is located close to your suppliers sites (North Africa, Europe, Asia, Brazil, Russia, United States, Mexico,). This configuration allows us to provide inbound flows to your industrial sites on time, right through to the line-side delivery.

    GEFCO manages on your behalf all inbound supply operations : 

    • Implementing and managing continental and intercontinental transport solutions (including multimodal solutions),
    • Consolidation and deconsolidation in our logistics platforms,
    • Customs and tax operations,
    • Advanced storage close to your plants and management of the warehouse in situ,
    • Kitting, conditioning, line-side deliveries,
    • Management of reusable packaging,
    • Transport and handling of oversized goods,
    • Urgent transport: express service
  • Thanks to the wide international coverage of our network, we help you optimise the repair and aftermarket logistics of your systems and aircrafts

    Our services are adapted to all levels of emergency – routine, critical or AOG (Aircraft On Ground) – : 

    • Accessible 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year,
    • Security plans,
    • Warehousing and management of spare parts stock,
    • Returns management and repair cycles,
    • Engine and oversized parts transport.

    Our solutions allow you to optimise your stock and secure your spare parts flows. These solutions guarantee the traceability of flows via a dedicated online portal.