Thanks to the preferential access that it has to the 85,200 km of railway operated by its partner and majority shareholder JSC Russian Railways (RZD), GEFCO is expanding its coverage between Eastern Europe and Asia and offers a special service for these regions: GATEWAY RUSSIA & 1520

Our goal: guaranteeing you the best support and the most efficient solution to develop your Supply Chain further into Russia, CIS countries and Baltic States.

  • The strategic Russia & 1520 zone takes its name from the geographic region that uses an interconnected rail network with a single track gauge (1,520 mm). This zone covers Russia and 16 neighbouring countries.
    Due to its administrative organisation and size, it is a complex area to understand, which requires a strong local presence and adapted logistics approach for optimum efficiency.

    Active in the region since 2003, GEFCO has significantly expanded its presence and its infrastructure to support your development in the area under the best possible conditions.
    The GATEWAY RUSSIA & 1520 solutions allows you to benefit from privileged, effective and reliable access to the main economic and industrial centres in Russia, the CIS countries and the Baltic States.


    GEFCO in the zone

    • 18 offices
    • 500 employees
    • More than 40 destinations served
    • Its own road transport network in 6 countries and connections in the 10 others in the zone
    • Privileged access to 85,200 km of railways operated by the JSC Russian Railways (RZD) group
  • Thanks to its multiple connections into the vast rail network of the Russian operator RZD, GEFCO benefits from complete coverage of the territory and implements a range of services for its customers:

    • road transport: our network helps us to guarantee door-to-door transport to some 40 major destinations with competitive lead times,
    • sea transport: our strong presence at all of the strategic ports in the region (Baltic Sea, Pacific Ocean, South China Sea, Black Sea) means that we can design competitive multimodal solutions for your standard and out of gauge shipments combining rail and sea,
    • air transport: located near to the main airports, GEFCO handles both your regular and urgent shipments,
    • rail transport: our rail corridors link Europe, Russia and Asia and facilitate your long-distance shipments,
    • handling of customs procedures: as a customs broker, we also manage a network of more than 40 local experts who are specialised in working on the administration requirements and familiar with local procedures and regulations. These assets enable us to ensure the conformity and reliability of customs procedures in this zone.



    Thanks to its knowledge of the specific administrative and customs characteristics in the Russia & 1520 zone, GEFCO is one of the main logistics operators to offer robust solutions to your industrial requirements: reliability, simplicity, quality and stability in both pricing and capacity.

    • A LLP-4PL control tower providing complete control of flows.
    • Fully integrated door-to-door solutions up to local distribution, from Baltic ports to the CIS and Central Asia via truck and rail.
    • Turnkey solutions for imported finished vehicles in the region through to dealer distribution.
    • A freight management service that offers real-time visibility.
    • Tailor-made services: insurance services, transport plan preparation and alternative procedures, urgent transport services, transport security.