Reusable packaging

As a  major player in the management of industrial packaging flows, we offer a range of efficient, environmentally friendly and "lean" solutions to optimise your supply strategy.

  • For over 15 years, we have been designing and developing solutions to supply reusable packaging to production sites.

    These solutions include the analysis, planning and management of your flows between the various players in the supply chain.


    Our means and resources

    • GEFCO expertise in flows engineering.
    • 6 million reusable containers in a range of different sizes
    • An IT solution dedicated to the planning and monitoring
    • A team of experts in the field responsible for continuous improvement: stock control, productivity gains.
    • A dedicated contact to support you throughout your operations.
    • 10 collection and washing centres to maintain the containers.
    • An international transport network to ensure the implementation of continental and intercontinental supply solutions
  • Do you want to optimise your reusable packaging flows?

    A customized solution : 

    • analysis of your flows,
    • packaging design adapted to the technical characteristics of your parts,
    • transport management: the empty containers are provided to suppliers then collected at the plant; our experts optimise these flows through a "pool" management with flows of containers from other industrial players,
    • permanent maintenance of the pool: quality control, container maintenance and washing.

    GEFCO helps to optimise your supplies, by avoiding the investment in reusable packaging, by ensuring the visibility of flows and the quality of service to your customers.

  • Do you have a pool of containers that you want to optimise? GEFCO supports you in the management, control and optimisation of your packaging flows:

    • flow analysis,
    • packaging audit and stock control,
    • flow planning, management and control.

    Once again, you benefit from both strategic and operational support in order to increase the control and visibility of your activities and optimise the associated logistics budget.

    Beyond these services, GEFCO helps you to further optimise your flows throughout your supply chain. Find out more