With 250,000 customs declarations carried out  every year and an integrated network of 200 experts across 39 countries, we have developed  significant expertise in customs procedures. Every day, our teams operate  and coordinate a range of services on your behalf to ensure the compliance and the fluidity of your flows.

Ensuring the reliability of customs procedures worldwide

A customs broker since 1971*, AEO certified in 13 countries (“Authorised Economic Operator”), we manage your customs operations in more than 100 countries worldwide:

  • Import/export declarations
  • Free flow of packaging
  • Transits, preparation of TIR and ATA carnets
  • Trade of Goods Declaration
  • Rectification and certification of documents

We guarantee the visibility throughout your operations by providing you with performance indicators.


We also offer a range of customized services

  • Regulatory watch and audits
  • Implementation of simplified Customs Clearance procedures
  • Registration for local VAT (Strategic X-Pert), and management of your tax compliance obligations
  • Centralised coordination of your operations via a single point of contact


The customs expertise of the GEFCO Group, an AEO-certified company, allows you to benefit from a solid customs culture and robust processes so as to bring risk levels down to zero:

  • Recognised by customs authorities as a reliable operator that complies with regulations, GEFCO guarantees its customers reliable procedures in line with requirements.
  • Our operational expertise helps simplify and secure your customs declarations ("Green Channel" clearance).
  • You thus benefit from accelerated administrative flows and reduced delivery times.

In addition to our operational know-how, we have unique expertise in customs and tax engineering, which allows us to design competitive and innovative logistics plans.