GEFCO and its teams are involved in their host communities throughout the world.

  • Logistics activities have positive impacts on local socio-economic activity: they help shape regions, develop infrastructure, and make certain regions more accessible. At GEFCO, we want to go further than this and create shared value alongside the populations of the communities in which we operate. This can be seen, for example, in:

    • priority use of suppliers and subcontractors located in the employment areas of our sites;
    • partnerships forged with schools and universities in order to open our doors to apprentices and trainees and encourage young people to undertake training in our business lines.
  • As a world leader in automotive logistics and a specialist in industrial logistics, GEFCO promotes its business lines among students and young graduates and develops a multi-generational culture.

    • In France, GEFCO is committed to a "Contrat de Génération" (generation contract) initiative to benefit younger and older workers, and to encourage the transfer of expertise and skills between the different generations.
    • In our subsidiaries in Eastern Europe, Northern Europe, and Russia, trainees receive personalised training with the possibility of them being recruited after obtaining their diploma.
    • GEFCO China has signed a cooperation agreement with the public university "Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade" to host student trainees.
  • GEFCO encourages and supports voluntary actions led by the sites and by employees.

    Below are a few examples:

    • In Argentina, GEFCO has designed awareness-raising and training modules for preventative driving techniques, run for its drivers and subcontractors;
    • In Argentina and the Czech Republic, which suffered major floods in 2013, the subsidiaries took action to help the affected populations: financial support, providing trucks, etc.;
    • In Spain and Portugal, GEFCO has been working with the Food Bank for a number of years now.