GEFCO Germany is the first road transport site awarded Good Distribution Practice (GDP) certificate

GEFCO Germany’s Berlin site is the first road transport site to be awarded the GDP certificate in Germany.

This certificate is delivered to carriers providing high standard of quality in logistics dedicated to the pharmaceutical industry. It allows to ensure the pharmaceutical products’ safety and quality throughout the supply chain: from the delivery of raw materials towards the production sites to the delivery of the finished goods towards the storage or sales area.

GEFCO’s Berlin site has also been certified “Safety and Quality Assessment System” for the third times. Initiated by the European Chemical Industry Council, the SQAS is based on a standardized questionnaire all over Europe. Its purpose is to evaluate the quality, safety and environmental standards of all the pharmaceutical industry actors.

“The GDP and SQAS certificates confirm the expertise provided by GEFCO to the companies of the pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics sectors. Beyond its commitment to quality, safety and environmental respect, these certificates demonstrate the transparency and uniformity of our services”, Dirk Knabben was pleased to say, Quality Manager at GEFCO Germany.

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