The household appliances manufacturers TERRAILLON has entrusted GEFCO to ensure the logistics of its products and events POS displays. Our Survilliers site (Ile-de-France) works on the downstream section of the supply chain, from the receipt of containers imported from China to the management of customer returns, as well as order preparation.

The challenge

Improving competitiveness and monitoring of the order process

In 2012, Terraillon called on GEFCO to support its Retail policy, with the aim of greater competitiveness in terms of delivery and logistics costs. The manufacturer is also looking to gain greater visibility of its stocks.



  • Our mission is divided into four components:
  • Receipt of containers from China, quantitative and qualitative inspection of products;
  • Preparation of standard orders and events POS displays;
  • Mounting, assembly, filling of retail display units;
  • Management of customer returns.


The GEFCO solution

Responsiveness and cost control

In order to respond to the challenge facing Terraillon we have:

  • Analysed the stock rotation to identify problems;
  • Established a dedicated organisation in order to considerably reduce preparation times and continuously improve our services:
    • Switch to radio frequency,
    • Instant order management,
    • Technical diagnosis of customer returns.
  • Developed specific tracking tools for Terraillon:
    • Automatic update of stock data via EDI,
    • Creation of a dedicated web portal providing access to stocks, order status and the item database.

The results

Preparation times halved

Thanks to new processes, we have halved the order preparation time and brought the preparation compliance rate up to 99.8%. In total, logistics costs are down by 20%.


Meeting high expectations in terms of delivery precision and responsiveness.

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