IPSO - Reduce the delivery time


Business case

  • Company : IPSO Agricultura
  • Industry : Equipement hors-gabarit
  • Solutions : Integrated logistics, Core freight, Road Transport

The German importer of agricultural equipment IPSO was looking for a logistics partner to improve the delivery times of its products to Romania. GEFCO was chosen thanks to its strong presence in the region and its ability to manage complex logistics issues from end-to-end.



Until now, delivery times to dealerships in Romania were between 3 and 4 days. In order to optimise and ensure the reliability of these flows in the long term, the importer gave GEFCO two missions:

To significantly reduce these delivery times, including the delivery of spare parts,

To put in place key performance indicators (KPIs) which would enable them to manage and monitor deliveries.


  • Reliability of delivery times ensured
  • Deliveries reduced to 24 and 48 hours depending on the delivery zone (compared with 4 days previously)
  • Integrated solution including the collection, transshipment and distribution of parts

GEFCO solution

In response to BMW’s challenge, we designed the integrated solution wich comprised two sections, the flow engineering and a tailor-made reporting system.

Flow engineeringafter analysing volumes and frequency, GEFCO defined precisely timed transport and handling plans.

  • Two departures per day from the plant in Germany
  • Consolidation on the Arad platform (day two) with quality and conformity control
  • Distribution to dealerships in western Romania (load day one, deliver day two for Timisoara, load day one, deliver day three for the rest of the zone)
  • Daily shuttle from the Arad platform to the platform in Bucharest (departure: day two, arrival: day three)
  • Consolidation in Bucharest and distribution to the network of dealerships in southern Romania (load day one, deliver day three)

Tailor-made reporting system :  every month, GEFCO provides IPSO with performance indicators

  • Conformity of products
  • Compliance with delivery times
  • Invoicing

Key figures

Delivery reliability

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