EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE & management board

GEFCO is a company with a Management Board and an Executive Committee which are responsible for implementing group strategy and also overseeing the quality and added value of its projects for its customers, shareholders and employees. The Management Board is composed of 5 members and the Executive Committee is composed of 16 members and is chaired by Luc Nadal, Chairman of the Management Board.


  • Luc Nadal - Chairman of the Managing Board Opener
    Opener Luc Nadal - Chairman of the Managing Board

    Luc Nadal - Chairman of the Management Board

    Luc Nadal graduated from Ecole Polytechnique (X82). 

    He began his career as a consultant with Arthur Andersen & Cie in 1985, before joining MENSIA Conseil, specialised in strategy, management and organization consulting, in 1988. He worked as a senior consultant, then manager, and later became a partner in charge of the infrastructure and transport sector. 
    Luc Nadal joined the SNCF in 2005 as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the CNC, which he turned around and transformed into Naviland Cargo. In 2007, he joined the Transport and Logistics branch of the SNCF and was appointed Deputy Operations Director of SNCF Freight. In 2008, the SNCF took over Geodis. Luc Nadal was appointed Deputy Managing Director of the SNCF Geodis branch in charge of the rail transport of goods and Director of Fret SNCF.

    He joined GEFCO as Freight Transport and Logistics Director in October 2010 and in July 2012, he took up the position of Chief Executive Officer of the GEFCO Group. 

    Since December 2012, Luc Nadal was appointed Chairman of the GEFCO Management Board by the Supervisory Board.


  • Emmanuel Arnaud - Sales & Marketing Opener
    Opener Emmanuel Arnaud - Sales & Marketing

    Emmanuel ARNAUD - Executive Vice President - Sales & Marketing

    Emmmanuel Arnaud is a graduate of the Telecom Management - Business School and Law from the Université d'Evry-Val d'Essonne.

    He began his career with the Giraud group where he successively held the positions of Project Manager, Operations & Commercial Manager, and Regional Manager between 1996 and 2001. Emmanuel Arnaud then joined the TNT Logistics France division of the TNT Post group until 2004 as Director of French Subsidiaries.

    He joined the GEFCO Group in 2004 as Market Line Manager then Business Line Manager, before taking on the position of Sales Director - Global Accounts Department in 2009, then Group Sales Director in 2012. Emmanuel Arnaud was appointed Sales and Marketing Director in 2015.

     Executive Vice President – Sales & Marketing, Emmanuel Arnaud is a member of the GEFCO Group Executive Committee.


  • Marc Cahingt - Western Europe & Mediterranean Opener
    Opener Marc Cahingt - Western Europe & Mediterranean

    Marc CAHINGT - Executive Vice-President - Western Europe & Mediterranean

    • Member of the Management Board

    Marc Cahingt is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique - Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées.

    He began his career at PSA by holding various responsibilities in production and logistics, then as the Manager of Quality Methods in Design. Then in 2003 at Peugeot he was assigned to the position of Head of the China / Korea / Taiwan zone. In 2006 he became the Director of the factory in Saint-Ouen. Starting in 2008, he worked at the Grands Moulins de Paris, where he successively occupied the positions of Director Ile-de-France then Director Meunerie.

    It was in June 2012 that he joined the GEFCO Group as the Director of the project of the creation of the France entity, becoming its head in December 2012. Marc Cahingt is appointed Western Europe and North Africa Director in March 2015.

    Executive Vice-President -Western Europe & Mediterranean, Marc Cahingt is a member of the GEFCO Group Executive Committee and its Management Board.

  • Emmanuel CHEREMETINSKI - Overland Opener
    Opener Emmanuel CHEREMETINSKI - Overland

    Emmanuel CHEREMETINSKI – Executive Vice President - Overland 

    A graduate from the Ecole Centrale Paris, Emmanuel Cheremetinski also obtained a degree in Economics in 1995.

    Emmanuel Cheremetinski began his career in the Finance division at the Inspection department of Société Générale. After holding various positions in the banking industry over 10 years, he joined the SNCF to participate in the opening to competition of the railway market in Europe as of 2005, firstly as Head of Railway Companies in Benelux and Italy, then as International Director.
    In 2010, Emmanuel joined the Executive Committee of the Touax Group, a logistics asset manager, to develop the river transport sector in emerging markets (Africa and South America).

    He joined the GEFCO Group in July 2015 to head up strategic and functional leadership in the Overland business line.  

    Executive Vice President – Overland, Emmanuel Cheremetinski is a member of the GEFCO Group Executive Committee.


  • Andrea-Guido Conti - Finished Vehicles Logistics Opener
    Opener Andrea-Guido Conti - Finished Vehicles Logistics

    Andrea-Guido CONTI – Executive Vice President - Finished Vehicles Logistics

    Self made man, Andrea-Guido Conti succeeded to his father at the head of Mercurio Company in 1957. 

    As the General Manager of the company he decided to focus on finished vehicles transportation from 1977. Then he took part of the signature of the first contract with GEFCO for the brand Peugeot in order to transport cars in Italy in 1980. In the following years he opened several subsidiaries and joint- ventures : Poland (1992), France (1994), Portugal (1996), Argentina (1999), Slovakia (2006), Bulgaria (2008), India (2008), Chile (2008), Serbia (2010).

    In June 2011, GEFCO acquires 70% of the shares of Mercurio and Andrea-Guido CONTI remains a shareholder with 15% of the shares. He was CEO until November 2013 when he is appointed Finished Vehicles Logistics Director at GEFCO.

    Executive Vice President - Finished Vehicles Logistics, Andrea-Guido Conti is a member of the GEFCO grou Executive Committee and is a member of Mercurio committee board. 

  • Maria del Peso - Communications Opener
    Opener Maria del Peso - Communications

    Maria del PESO - Executive Vice President - Communications

    Maria del Peso holds a degree from the HEC Business School, from which she graduated in 1993. She also has a Master’s degree in European economics from the College of Europe and a Master’s from CEMS.

    Maria del Peso began her career in 1995 at Veolia Environnement Group. She held various functions over ten years in the Human Resources, Legal Affairs, and then Communications departments, in France and abroad. From 2005 to 2007, she was Director for Public and Press Relations at Samsung Electronics France. Maria del Peso was previously Vice President for Communications at Thales Group, between 2007 and 2013. She was notably responsible for the Communications of the C4I Defence and Security Systems division.

    Maria del Peso joins the GEFCO Group in 2013 as Communications Director. 

     Executive Vice President - Communications, Maria del Peso is a member of the GEFCO Group Executive Committee.


  • Philippe DOYER - Warehousing & Reusable Packaging Opener
    Opener Philippe DOYER - Warehousing & Reusable Packaging

    Philippe DOYER – Executive Vice President - Warehousing & Reusable Packaging

    Philippe Doyer graduated from the Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint Cyr. In 2012 he enrolled in the ESSEC business school where he graduated with an International Master’s in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. 

    Philippe DOYER began his career in logistics in the French Army where he served for almost 9 years. 
    He then joined Kuehne + Nagel in 2002, followed by the BIC Group in 2005 where he was responsible for managing logistics operations in Europe.  In 2009 he joined Rexel to develop the Supply Chain at group level.

    He joined the GEFCO Group in May 2012 to define and promote the development model for Warehousing and Reusable Packing activities.

    Executive Vice President – Warehousing & Reusable Packaging, Philippe DOYER is a member of the GEFCO Group Executive Committee.


  • Paul-Henri Fréret - East Asia Opener
    Opener Paul-Henri Fréret - East Asia

    Paul-Henri FRERET - Executive Vice President - East Asia

    Paul-Henri Fréret, who has master's degrees in law, international trade, management and finance from France and the USA, began his career as an international manager at CFPI-ETISA.

    In 1996, he joined the legal department of the PSA Peugeot Citroën group as an international lawyer, before moving to the freight division of GEFCO in 1998 as an executive. He went on to manage the transport and logistics depot in Avignon. Supply chain manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers and then French and European asset director at LPR, he returned to GEFCO as manager of the handling solutions operational unit and then the logistics operational unit.

    In 2007, he took over the leadership of GEFCO's Brazilian subsidiary. In July 2010, Paul-Henri Fréret was appointed to head the PSA Peugeot Citroën Customer Division and then in July 2016 he took the direction of the East Asia Zone.

     Executive Vice President-  East Asia, Paul-Henri Fréret is a member of the GEFCO Group Executive Committee.

  • Pavel ILICHEV - Finance & Strategy Opener
    Opener Pavel ILICHEV - Finance & Strategy

    Pavel ILICHEV – Executive Vice President - Finance & Strategy

    • member of the Management Board

    Pavel Ilichev graduated from the State Academy of Aerospace Instruments Making of Saint Petersburg and from the High School of Economics of Saint Petersburg State University of Economy and Finance.

    Pavel Ilichev started his career in the financial sector in 1997, when he integrated the InkomBank as Chief Trader of the Treasury Department. In 1999 he joined the BaltUnexim Bank, the public investment bank of the Baltics, as Head of Stock Market Trading Division. From 2003 to 2009 he integrated the rail company Eurosib as Chief Finance Officer. 

    It was in 2009 that he joined Russian Railways as Deputy Head of Corporate Finance, position he held for 6 years. Then he joined GEFCO in 2015. From February 2016, Pavel Ilichev was appointed Executive Vice President – Strategy & Finance.

    Executive Vice President – Finance & Strategy, Pavel ILICHEV is a member of the GEFCO Group Executive Committee and of its Management board.

  • Beray Legouverneur - Information Systems Opener
    Opener Beray Legouverneur - Information Systems

    Beray LEGOUVERNEUR - Executive Vice President - Information Systems

    Beray Legouverneur holds a masters degree in international business, IMD Business School. She is also a graduate of the Bosphorus University in Mechanical Engineering and holds a master of Computer Sciences from the Technical University of Denmark. 

    Beray Legouverneur started her career with Ambrasoft A/S in Denmark as Development Manager. She joined the Arvin Meritor Group in 1996, as their Global IT Manager. In 2000, Beray Legouverneur took up the position of Practice Director at TRW ISCS. From 2002 onwards, she held different IT Director positions at Faurecia with worldwide responsibility.

    Beray Legouverneur joined the GEFCO Group in 2013 as IT Director.

    Executive Vice President - Information Systems, Beray Legouverneur is a member of the GEFCO Group Executive Committee.


  • Anne Lambusson - PSA Contract Opener
    Opener Anne Lambusson - PSA Contract

    Anne Lambusson - Executive Vice President - PSA Contract

    PHD in engineering and management from l’Ecole des Mines de Paris, Anne Lambusson career started in 1988 in the automotive industry as a consultant for FASA-Renault in Spain.

    Previously Regional Director for SNCF network Rhône-Alpes and Auvergne, Anne Lambusson handled the management of large infrastructure projects dedicated to the renewal and modernization of the rail network, in line with the new mobility needs. Previously, Anne Lambusson was vice president at Keolis, SNCF Group subsidiary, and she was in entitled with the International Operations; during that period, she had developed significantly the activity of the seven subsidiaries she was in charge of.

    Anne Lambusson also held several directorships in international and French groups. She was appointed “Chevalier” of the Légion d’Honneur (French National Order of the Legion of Honour) in 2013.

    She joined the GEFCO Group in July 2016 to help strengthen the collaboration between the PSA Peugeot Citroën Group and GEFCO.

    Executive Vice President PSA Contract. Anne Lambusson is also a member of the Executive Committee.

  • Pierre-Jean Lorrain - Central Europe, Balkans & Middle-East Opener
    Opener Pierre-Jean Lorrain - Central Europe, Balkans & Middle-East

    Pierre-Jean LORRAIN - Executive Vice President - Central Europe, Balkans & Middle-East

    Pierre-Jean Lorrain is a graduate in IT from Nancy University.

    He started his career as IT Project Manager in UNILOG.

    Pierre-Jean Lorrain joined the GEFCO Group in 1989 as IT Project Manager, he led various positions for the Finished Vehicles Logistics Activity and became Finished Vehicles Logistics Manager in 2001 for GEFCO UK. Between 2006 and 2010, he was managing the car distribution business unit in Paris. Pierre-Jean Lorrain was then appointed Managing Director of the Italian Subsidiary in 2010. In 2013, he became Director of the Central Europe, Balkans and Middle East Zone for the GEFCO Group.

    Executive Vice President - Central Europe, Balkans & Middle-East, Pierre-Jean Lorrain is a member of the GEFCO Group Executive Committee.


  • Stéphane Milhet - Human Resources Opener
    Opener Stéphane Milhet - Human Resources

    Stéphane MILHET - Executive Vice President - Human Resources

    Stéphane Milhet has a post-graduate degree in law and human resources from the Université des Sciences Sociales in Toulouse.

    Stéphane Milhet began his career as Human Resources Director for the EMEA zone within the Mars group from 1997 to 2000. He joined the Adobe group from 2000 to 2002 as Worldwide Human Resources Director. Stéphane Milhet then joined the Microsoft group, from 2003 to 2009, where he successively held the positions of Human Resources Director Europe, Worldwide Talent Acquisition Director, and Human Resources Senior Director. He continued his career at Roche France as Human Resources Director and Global Talent Succession Management until 2011, before joining the Apple group from 2011 to 2013 as Human Resources Director for the EMEA zone.

    Stéphane Milhet joined the GEFCO Group in 2013 as Human Resources Director.

    Executive Vice President - Human Resources, Stéphane Milhet is a member of the GEFCO Group Executive Committee.


  • Antoine Redier - 4PL solutions Opener
    Opener Antoine Redier - 4PL solutions

    Antoine REDIER - Executive Vice President - 4PL solutions

    • Member of the Management Board

    Antoine Redier is a graduate of the Ecole des Hautes Etudes de l’Ingénieur in Lille.

    He began his professional career with 3 Suisses in France and Belgium in the Methods department before joining the CAT group in 1989. In France, Sweden and Germany, Antoine Redier held different operational and research posts. From 1996 to 1998, he took on the responsibility for transporting Renault vehicles in Europe and for transport purchases. In 1999, he became Logistics Manager of Valéo Distribution and then Managing Director of the French subsidiary of the Norwegian shipowner UECC. 

    In March 2007 Antoine Redier joined GEFCO as manager for the distribution and preparation of vehicles in Germany before becoming Vice President - Vehicle Transport and Logistics. In July 2012, Antoine Redier is appointed 4PL Director for General Motors Program.

    Executive Vice President – 4PL Solutions, Antoine Redier is a member of the GEFCO Group Executive Committee and its Management Board.


  • Phil SHANKLEY - Russia, CIS & Baltics Opener
    Opener Phil SHANKLEY - Russia, CIS & Baltics

    Phil SHANKLEY - Executive Vice President - Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltics 

    • Member of the Management Board

    Phil Shankley is a graduate in Economics and History from the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

    He began his career in 1976 with Whitbread Plc. as an Operational Manager in Transport and Distribution. From 1990 to 1992, he was Logistics Director with a subsidiary of Gallaher Plc. He joined Hays Logistics in 1992 where he was a Contract Director and later Managing Director of Hays Asset Control Solutions business.

    He joined GEFCO in September 2002 as Managing Director of GEFCO UK. Between 2007 and 2008 he was based in India, examining business development opportunities. In January 2009, Phil Shankley was appointed to the Board of GEFCO, as Business Development and Marketing Director responsible for commercial development based in Paris. In May 2014, he moved to Moscow, to be the representative of the CEO in the relationship with GEFCO’s principle shareholder RZD Russian Railways. In addition, he has executive management responsibility for the ‘1520 zone’ covering the GEFCO operating companies in Russia, the Baltics, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.  

    Executive Vice President – Russia, Commonwealth of Independent States and Baltics, Phil Shankley is a member of the GEFCO Group Executive Committee and its management board.


  • Sjoerd Van Loon - Overseas Opener
    Opener Sjoerd Van Loon - Overseas

    Sjoerd VAN LOON - Executive Vice President - Overseas 

    Sjoerd Van Loon is Graduate in Business Economics from Paris Business School and has an advanced MBA.

    He began his career with KLM Cargo in 1967. In 1976 he joined Pakhoed Rotterdam NV, and held various sales and operational management positions for its air freight division HAT/Pandair. 
    In 1985, he joined Internatio-Müller NV as Airfreight Director and also served as its Director of Transportation Division. In 1991, he led a management buyout of Mueller Freight Services Group, which was then acquired by AEI in 1996. From 1996 to 2001 he held various positions within AEI Inc. such as Senior Vice President EMEA. In 2001 he joined Exel for 5 years as Chief Executive Officer of EMEA.

    Sjoerd Van Loon joined IJS Global in 2006 as Chief Executive Officer EMAE and was appointed President & Chief Executive Officer in 2010. After GEFCO acquires IJS Global in 2015, Sjoerd Van Loon took over the Overseas activities for GEFCO.

    Executive Vice President – Overseas, Sjoerd Van Loon is a member of the Executive Committee of the GEFCO group.