From supply to distribution, at both local and international level, GEFCO provides global and integrated management and optimisation of the logistical chain for its industrial customers. ​

  • GEFCO provides a response to the most complex challenges facing industrial professionals with tailor-made logistics solutions integrating all of the areas of the supply chain:   

    • Overland flow logistics, 
    • Intercontinental, air, sea and rail flow logistics,
    • Finished vehicle logistics, 
    • Storage and warehousing,
    • Packaging management.

    We apply a vast range of expertise in all of our business lines: logistics outsourcing (lien vers 4PL), inbound and outbound flow engineering, handling of customs and tax formalities.

  • Thanks to our multi-country, multi-business line and multi-sector coverage, we have developed a global vision and understanding of the challenges facing our customers: we establish a tailor-made, agile and progressive approach for each one, based on our extensive knowledge of their needs and the specific characteristics of their markets. The close cooperation of our teams, true stakeholders in our customers' organisation, ensures the effectiveness of these partnerships. 

    Our ability to design and manage complex logistics plan from end-to-end, while constantly striving for optimisation, is what has ranked us among the key partners in the industrial world for the last 65 years.

  • Managed at central level, the standardisation of global service quality helps guarantee both safety and reliability for the efficient transportation of goods. 

    Regional or global, each logistics plan is built on a solid base of consistent processes and practices: regardless of their business lines and expertise, the actions of the GEFCO teams throughout the world are based on the same values, the same qualitative standards, the same processes and the same information systems. 

    So no matter which countries are being crossed and which networks put to use, our customers are sure to benefit from the same service quality from one end of their supply chain to the other.

  • Increasing its sectorial coverage and continuing its targeted global expansion are GEFCO's two strategic priorities. We now have a balanced portfolio of industrial customers and a strong presence in the regions identified by the industrial sector as priority high-growth areas.

    Marly-la-ville : 8000m² workshop dedicated to Finished Vehicles customization and preparation

    The Marly-la-ville Automotive compound is ideally situated in the Ile-de-France region and has direct access to 4 rail lines and major motorways. This compound comprises a workshop of 8000m² that prepares and customizes new vehicles (commercial vehicles, logo and extra accessory installation).

    The compound area has a capacity of 7200 parking slots and 5 working stations dedicated to the pre-delivery inspection operations. 41 000 vehicles are inspected yearly and then distributed to dealerships and rental car companies in Southern, Northern, Western and Eastern France.

    Turkey : 10,000 m² warehouse dedicated to storage, distribution logistics and spare parts management

    GEFCO opens a new 10,000m² warehouse in Cayirova, providing a full range of added-value services:

    - Reception, quality control, quarantine
    Storage, shipment organization
    - Picking of individual parts or full cartons
    Added value operations (kitting, co-packing etc)
    - Bounded
    Handheld terminal systems allowing instant inventory management 

    Brazil : Finished Vehicles Logistics Compound in Porto Real

    The GEFCO Porto Real site is the largest for the FVL (Finished Vehicles Logistics) activity in Brazil.
    The site has a 350 strong team to take charge of the vehicles when they leave the factory and each vehicle gets a full service, which includes quality control, mechanical tests, bodywork inspection and inside and outside cleaning of the vehicle, before it goes on sale. The Porto Real site has four testing lines and four washing lines which can handle twelve vehicles simultaneously. An information system, linked to the one used by the manufacturers, allows them to monitor the preparation stages for each vehicle in real time. 

  • For industrial professionals, the ability to run an efficient logistics chain is a key factor in reducing lead times and costs and improving performance, while ensuring consistently high quality. As a world expert in logistics engineering, GEFCO is involved at all levels of the supply chain, inbound as well as outbound, from supply to distribution, using both a global and integrated approach.


  • Intermodal connections are central to our global offer. These take the form of a combination of different modes of transport (sea, rail, air, road) and contribute to the continuity of our industrial customers' production chain, with the aim of optimising lead times, loads and costs, competitiveness, etc.