Based in the North of France, the ready-to-wear garment chain Camaïeu was looking to harmonise its logistics services in five Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) in an effort to eliminate recurring problems.

Stéphane Lefebvre, supply chain managing director for the Camaïeu group

"We were looking for a service provider able to ensure a daily delivery service from France to our 183 stores spread across 5 Eastern European countries. It was GEFCO's experience in automotive logistics that won us over: it is a sector that requires responsiveness, precision and quality, which are ultimately very similar to the needs of Retail. What's more, GEFCO is one of the rare players able to handle all of the transport, distribution and co-packing activities.

Distributing up to 60,000 items per day in 5 countries: a large-scale challenge

We presented GEFCO with a large-scale challenge: ensuring the shipment of some 5,000 to 60,000 items per day, with major constraints in terms of delivery times - 24 hours between the departure from the warehouse in France and delivery in the Czech Republic, 48 hours to Slovakia and Poland, and 72 hours for deliveries to Hungary and Romania. These deadlines include co-packing operations, which involve several relabelling operations to be completed for the destination countries including countries outside of the Euro zone.

Reliable deliveries: our first criterion

GEFCO provided our company with a single point of contact responsible for the entire supply chain, from international transport to in-store distribution, as well as on-site logistics. The primary objective was to manage flow variations without delaying deliveries, all while maintaining a competitive price. GEFCO offered us effective solutions, including double crew vehicle chartering and post manufacturing schemes for relabelling and repackaging operations. 97.5% of deliveries are made within the given time limit of 30 minutes before store opening and closing times, and the relabelling quality rate has reached 99.99%. This reliability is a real asset for our group, because in addition to the financial gain, it is the quality of our store deliveries that helps our company thrive. "

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GEFCO's experience in automotive logistics won us over: this is a sector that requires responsiveness, precision and quality, which are ultimately very similar to our needs.

Carrying our deliveries in 24 hours, with relabelling included.


In figures:

  • 183 stores supplied
  • 2,800 shipments per month
  • 600,000 items relabelled per year