Because having information in real time is a key element in mastering supply chains for manufacturers, GEFCO has made high-performance traceability tools available to them.


Our interconnected tools provide you with real-time information on the state of your production flows at all stages of transport and across all continents: collection and delivery times, transit times, timeliness, proof of delivery.

Continued tracking of physical flows 

Our integrated information systems boost productivity and enable smooth exchanges between the different stakeholders along your supply chain, as each one of them has access to the same information.

Customisable tracking tools:  GEFC@nnect and Automotive Portal.

The GEFC@nnect tool incorporates several configurable applications:

  • Geolocation,
  • Immediate alert in the event of disruption?
  • Daily reports on shipment status,
  • Handling document management

Automotive Portal reserved for automotive manufacturers, allowing them to trace individual vehicles, check stock and initiate deliveries.

Personalised client areas

We have made dedicated platforms available to our clients. The E-Catalog is an e-business tool that lets clients place online orders for personalised services on private utility vehicles.